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18 Aug

All about Blue

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 Blue came into western fashion in the 12th century, and like many other colors when introduced could only be afforded by the wealthy. In christianity it's a devine color: virgin mary wore a blue robe, kings used blue to show gods approval of their power, and it was used in paintings to signify the devine. Blue is said to encourage easy communication, and it shows loyalty, trustworthyness and authority. 'True Blue' means steadfast and dependable. Things an accountant needs, so they wear it a lot, often even in monochromatic color schemes.  








blauw collage2

Blue is a preffered color in office environments, people find it easier to concentrate in blue interiors. It's good for sleeping rooms aswell as it's a calming color. And if you're on a diet: you may want to paint your kitchen blue. It calms, reducing blood pressure and your appetite. And if you really want to loose your appetite: add blue dye to your food. Besides blue berries and some other exceptions, if your food is blue it's ok to assume it's not good to eat anymore. It actually works as an appetite depressant.




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