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16 Aug

All about Brown

bruin collage3 Brown may be best known for it's natural qualities. Brown is wood and sand in nature, letting us associate it with natural qualities such as calmness. Wood is strong, a building material letting us build homes, bridges and tables. Brown is also: a good steak and a proper hamburger! And bread fresh out of the oven or a good old bar of chocolate. Using brown in interiors was popular for while in the seventies, combining it with orange. But that didn't survive long. Getting brown together with the right blue, and you're sure to be looking good.


bruin collage2

Like yellow, brown also relates to not so nice things. Like the teeth of a heavy smoker, brown can have a sense of decay. Lot's of things that grow old and used get a brownish tone to it. And brown can be a tad boring really. Charlie Brown was a boring character really, and the name was chosen for a reason. Brown is often associated with those not seeking a spark in life. Remember that laziness is a deadly sin in the Christian bible (and that Christian monks wear brown robes).




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