Color Quiz 1

How much do you know about colors? Do the quiz to find out!


Purple is associated with:

Nature, as there are a lot of purple flowers.

Royalty, purple dye used to be very expensive to make. The only one able to afford was royalty.

Sex, because it's the color of Venus.

Motorsports, because purple is lighter making the car go faster.


Which color is inappropriate to use in bedrooms?

Green makes you wake up earlier, like the animals in nature do.

Purple is a pshycadelic color, increasing the intensity of your dreams.

Yellow is uplifting, making it harder to relax and fall asleep.

Brown is dull, and no one likes dull rooms.


What color stimulates your appetite and is used in restaurants to increase revenues?

Grey entices the taste buds, as grey is associated with good food.

Pink is a girls color, and girls like to cook.

Red increases your blood pressure, and your appetite.

Black makes you focus on the colorful food on your plate.


Why do accountants wear blue?

Accountants don't like colors.

It's easy to combine with other colors.

Blue is associated with reliability and trustworthyness.

Accountants don't wear blue.


Is snow white?

Yes snow is white. Isn't that obvious?

No, snow has no color. All colors of light are reflected away from the snow, making it look white eventhough it's colorless.

No, snow absorbs all the colors of light, making it look white eventhough it isn't.

Yes snow is white. Only reds and green in the spectrum of light are reflected away from the snow making it appear white.


Which color is naturally soothing?

Red, that's why it's used by sportsteams a lot.

Purple, being a dreamy color it relaxes aswell.

 Orange, because oranges are healthy, making you feel better.

Green, it's a dominant color in nature, so we associate it with the calm forests and medows.


Which nation used to be called 'The Red Race'?

The Egyptians, their skin tone seemed red compared to other nations.

 The English, because the get a sunburn quickly.

The Thai, because they have spicy foods.

The Mexicans, because they used to have red money. 


In Japan, orange signifies:






What colors represents decay and death?

Red and brown.

Yellow and brown.

Red and black.

Brown and black.


Which color attracts insects?





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