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13 Aug

All About Red

rood collage3

 Red is one of the worlds most popular colors, and a very powerful too, referring to several of life's most elementary experiences. It's known to suit a winners mentality, apparently if two teams compete, the one wearing red is more likely to win allthough this hasn't been scientifically proven. Fascist regimes used it for it's aggressive, powerful look. Romans used red falgs in battle. Red suits a revolutionary attitude too and was a signal color in the French revolution. It's the most common color in national flags. Brands like Ferrari and Marlboro are aggressive, sensual and youthful. But it's this aggressive association that make many brands not want to use red. It's bright and stands out, a confident color to wear but therefore also one that people can react to strongly. It can be intimidating. Very annoying and irritating aswell if it's not used properly. Very bright red rooms could irrate the people there quickly. 





rood collage 2Red is an intense color. Our blood is red, therefor sybolizing life and vitality. Red raises your blood pressure, increases breathing. That can go several ways. In restaurants it's often used, as it raises your appetite, making you eat more. Of course red is also associated with passion, love and sex. The sensual connontation red has isn't something from recent decades: sexual organs have colored red in the minds of people for centuries. In Russion the word for red also means beautiful. In China red is worn by brides. It signifies happiness and prosperity. Women in Sub-Saharan Africa often won't wear red, for it is a holy color. 



rood collage4  And finally red is a signal color, like orange and yellow. But red often used in a more negative way. Red traffic lights tell you to stop, brake lights are red. And many traffice signs have red in them when you're not allowed to do something. And who hasn't had their mistakes at school pointed out with a red pencil? Hate isn't good either, and hate is red. Blushing is red. In South Africa red is for mourning. 









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