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07 Apr

Orange by Grey

By Jeanne Goutelle: Orange between orange and Orange: An exhibition of Michael Joaquin Grey


Tired of grey winter shades? Let's meet Mr Grey in person to know how he became a big fan of orange! First I should introduce Mr Michael Joaquin GreyHe is an artist and an inventor born in 1961 in California, which is not a necessary detail for our story. His practice of art is made up of science, archaeology, observation of our world, a good sense of humour and a certain amount of orange. Orange, first as a fruit, secondly as an object and thirdly as a colour ... and for sure a way of life on a daily basis.

CF Michael Joaquin Grey orange install 9 2013-2

I discovered his work in London when I saw this title on the Carroll Fletcher Gallery window: « Orange between orange and Orange ». How could I pass by without stopping? It was 4pm and the sky was starting to become dark. Some vitamins were more than welcome! It seems that orange is an obsession for him. It turned to be intriguing to me... According to Mr Grey's life story, « Orange between orange and Orange » is an object to represent the interstitial, the state of preposition or change. He explained that the white part between orange skin and orange fruit called albedo (the pith, which is the only place an orange isn't orange) inspired him to think of this title. It is like a transition between two parts. A transition related to his roots. He was born in California and grew up in a house surrounded by orange and tangerine trees. Grey colours everything in orange to remind him of his native country everywhere he travels to. He uses transparent orange cases as a subjective filter to remember we all have perceptual limits. A new perception is given by orange filters, which show you how the sun embraces the landscape there and fills the atmosphere with this specific light. Let's travel with him... in space... in a life cycle... Have a look at his video: will bring you to his own perception of space and life... close to the sun!

 CF Michael Joaquin Grey orange install 15 2013-2


Warmed up? Intrigued? Attracted? But what about the colour itself? Where and how does Grey use this orange colour? Quite obviously, the colour orange can't be ruled out of this whole story. It makes the story without being the main subject. It is there, almost everywhere in his practice of covering, underlining, highlighting, reminding... from tangerine in his garden to an old story of Orange Man, from his website called citroid (Grey's cultural meteorite) to his orange scarf. All shades are allowed as long as it is between yellow and red, far from grey. Grey will tell you his family and friends have been giving him orange presents for a few years.  It's submerging him, it's following him. He wasn't a collector before - he became a collector. He actually considers himself an artist, a spatial philosopher, a sculptor. We can add archaeologist - a contemporary archaeologist. He will soon start to spray orange seeds all over the word and try to convince galleries to plant orange trees for his next exhibitions... Let's orangise the world!


All photo's: exhibition at Carroll / Fletcher, London - Courtesy of the artist and Carroll/Fletcher


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