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02 Feb

Valentin Dommanget makes me a dreamer

By Jeanne Goutelle: 

Valentin Dommanget is a young French artist based in London. His artistic approach is wide open to experiments using colour and media to question the nature of plain flat surfaces. Upon first seeing his work on his website I asked myself: is this painting, ink or magic powder? Perhaps is it an original photograph of the lunar landscape that has been digitally coloured and manipulated? Or an alien body section put onto canvas?

Studies Stretcher Valentin Dommanget II3

The more I see his work the more it opens widely my imagination. I can't stop myself from seeing stories in his abstract pieces. I imagine a beautiful futuristic rendering of the effects of climate change! Imagine a second, at 7pm on a Saturday evening in the year 2256, the weather forecast on TV, showing us the chemical storm viewed from the latest satellite images. Well, I'm going far, but my imagination went there and I wanted to share that strange thought. Sometimes awful visions offer beautiful pictures.

Studies Stretcher Valentin Dommanget


Returning to technical aspects, it seems that Valentin Dommanget combines chemical mixtures to interact with his surfaces. It reminds me of marbled paper technique used to cover the inside of old books. This technique is a type of ink transfer. A specialist ink floats on the surface of a basin filled with water. A pattern is created by manipulating a stick through it. The colours never blend as the inks used are oil-based, staying on the water surface and never mixing into it. When the sought design is ready, a sheet of paper is carefully dropped on the water's surface and the ink lifts onto the paper.

Demisphere Valentin Dommanget


The complexity of patterns obtainable through this method is fascinating. Intricate little veins can form all over making designs impossible to duplicate. Each ink transfer remains unique from the previous one as a different quantity of ink may be added or one can move the stick in a different way.


Demisphere Valentin Dommanget 

This is why to me it seems that Valentin Dommanget creates his complex paintings with an influenced of marbling technique, which he reinterprets with his own contemporary tools, opting for a look between digital & a 1980's aesthetic and traditional painting techniques. He mixes colours until your eyes are lost in the surface. In fact I love the mystery in it and I'll let your imagination fly and see whatever you like to read in it.


Written by Jeanne Goutelle, see all her articles here.


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