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There's a lot of lists around about people. The most powerful, the sexiest, the richest, the best dressed. These lists don't really say it all. They don't represent society as it really is and they miss a lot of people worth mentioning for who they a...
'The Disappearence of Colour', a special film programme this october and november in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Organised by the Dutch Materiaalfonds, this programme will look at the life of colour in cinema, from its early days in nineteenth cent...
Cuurently on exhibit at the Bartha Contemporary Gallery in London (ongoing until August 18th) Mike Meiré's works as art director for magazines and newspapers, making him firmiliar with using content. He came to wonder how we can deal with informatio...
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Color Objects encourages you to get a better eye and appreciation for colors and characters. To get a special selection of pics and info for you, we find designers and artists that make colorful work from all over the world. There's a lot of character in colors, and having a closer look will change your view of the world and people around you. So we share a host of pics and info from design, art, cultures and the natural world. All about colors.

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