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17 Aug

Skin Tones: Angelica Dass

Quite well known by now! Angelica Dass was quite overwhelmed by all the attention this summer, with the Humanea project she originally started as a school project. Taking photo's of friends and family, she would choose a pixel from the nose to get a consistent part of the body to show everybodies color. This she compared with the Pantone colors and selected the correct color for the background. She spread it to other people in town, then in other cities, and now Angelica's project has spread over magazines all over the world. 


Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 1Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 3Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 5

Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 8Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 9Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 10

Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 14Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 16Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 7


Why skin colors in the first place? Angelica is from Brazil, and Brazil is so mixed in terms of cultures and people, as well as skin colors. For her it's normal, but while travelling she noticed that for a lot of people it isn't normal. Many people just aren't used to so much diversity as she is. She came up with the idea when she dicided to help us understand diversity better. To do this, she documented how much diversity there really is, by documenting all the human colors. Once you see all the colors there are, you can't help but conclude that we are all really the same. 

You may have noticed that nobody's wearing anything (they're not fully naked though...), except Angelica, in the first picture. Her own photo is with headscarf. She decided to show her own colors by adding an accessory. That's one way how we can make ourselves different, you choose your own colors really. Angelica hasn't been all over the world yet. When we talked Angelica was in Madrid. Where she is now? Follow the Humanea project and you'll find out.


 Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 19Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 11Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 15

Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 18Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 17Angelica-dass-humanea-pantone 13

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