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15 Oct

Love Diversity, like Benetton

Benetton is one of the worlds most well known brands, and their connection with color is obvious. Throughout Benetton’s history their advertising has been inspired by social issues, and Fabrica, their communication research center, has a tradition of creating succesful socially aware campaigns for the Benetton Group and also for a number of non profit organizations, cultural institutions, museums etc, on an international level. The Lana Sutra project by Fabrica’s artist Erik Ravelo (2011) is no exception.

eric-ravelo-Union of the Magpie 02

Obviously inspired also by Kama Sutra, where the ability to express oneself is essential for love making, the Lana Sutra project is a tribute to love that eliminates differences. ‘The United Colors of Benetton’ is the well known slogan and this isn’t about everybody having the same color. The figures in the Lana Sutra project all have different colors as a celebration of diversity. The colors are a metaphor for diversity in religion, nationality and culture. The colors are mixed like a painters palet. The figures are intertwined together, the wool yarns surround the figures and increase their connection to each other (‘sutra’ means thread that unites).

    eric-ravelo-Pas de Deux 01 eric-ravelo-Position of the Anvil 02

How were the exact colors used chosen? They we’re taken from the Benetton collection at the time. Simple as that!

eric-ravelo-Position of the Tiger 02

eric-ravelo-The Ball of Wool 01

eric-ravelo-Union of the Scorpion 02

Click here for more on the Lana Sutra project.

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