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30 Oct

The alternative list: who will you pass it forward to?

There's a lot of lists around about people. The most powerful, the sexiest, the richest, the best dressed. These lists don't really say it all. They don't represent society as it really is and they miss a lot of people worth mentioning for who they are and what they do. 'De Kleurrijke Lijst', the colorful list initiated by Raja Felgata, is a list about the variety of people out there that can be an example for reasons other than being the richest, or the best dressed. This list is here to encourage us to open our eyes to others than only the ones that get the most attention, to encourage us to appreciate the multitude of characters around, and to encourage us to be our own character. How ever hard it may sometimes be to stand tall. 

What kind of people are there on the list? Initally started to promote equal representation by women and immigrants in the Netherlands, there are a lot of women and arab names on the list (many Dutch have arab background since immigration from Marocco and Turkey started). It's a Dutch list, so most of the people on the list are Dutch, or at least live or work in Holland. Karima Idrissi, a journalist specializing in Arabic cultures; Wimmy Hu, who's opened several succesfull restaurants in Holland and Marocco; Sybe Schaap, politcal philosofer and former senator; Sigmar Vriesde, cultural allrounder. These aren't the standard public fgures you read about in the news or see on tv. But they are there, they're in the background, and they do play a role in one way or another in pushing society in the right direction. There are some names on the list which are more well known, even if only in Holland. Ibrahim Affelay, the Dutch-Maroccan football player; Ans Markus, artist; Joris Luyendijk, blogger for the Gaurdian.

Is it just a list that's fun to read or be on? No. The creaters believe society can be shaped towards more tolerance, more equality, and especially more color. But we have to do it ourselves and encourage others to do it too. Simply by showing our own characters, and appreciating the characters of others. It's all about colors really!

Click the photo below for the list:



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