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12 Dec

Studio Ensamble Casa Del Lector

Studio Ensamble completely overhauled an old slaughterhouse in Madrid and turned it into 'a centre for contemporary creation', housing artistic creation activities like training, competitions and a place for the different arts to meet. Where the slaughterhouse is an old structure, the new complex, consisting of several connected buildings, has to deal with an updated type of library, where different media are collected for the public. Colors and light are one and the same really, and for Ensamble creating the Casa Del Lector was more about maximizing the use light to create the right atmospheres for each building, and each space in the entire complex. The dominant color white was chosen to maximise the natural light coming in through windows along the long building. Within the enclosed spaces of the building, Ensamble changed the lighting slightly to create a subtle yet different feel. The color temperature of the lighting was changed to acchieve this. In the central hallway that connects the two main buildings the lighting can be adjusted, depending on activities going on in the building or the moment of the day. Where there is activity there is light. 

(All photo's  kindly supplied by Roland Halbe Architectural Photography, except when stated otherwise)




Where the lights and it's colors are mainly quite soft in the building, Alberto Corazan intervened in some areas such as the main hallway. The two red staircases stand out, marking the connection point between levels of the building. Red is also used for the entrance, the exterior is lit red at night, and red refers to the original function of the building.

(photo's below left and right courtesy of Ensamble Studio)


Casa-del-lector-studio-Ensamble-2Casa-del-lector-studio-Ensamble- 5



Casa-del-lector-studio-Ensamble-Model 1

(photo above courtesy of Ensamble Studio)



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