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01 Feb

Haroshi: a skater that does what he likes

Not a man of many words, when asked about his work, Haroshi's reply was 'I am just producing works that I like'. He's a skater, and his sculptures are made of layered skateboards. Just alot of them put on top of eachother to make the sculptures you see here. Skaters aren't known for being obedient, they're people of the streets, hanging around, skating around. Not appreciating unwanted involvements, like people telling them what to do, or to go skate somewhere else. And Haroshi's chosen theme's also reflect skate-culture: getting hurt, getting up and trying it again, just because you want to get better at it. He has been making these sculptures for about ten years now, and his works can be seen at the Johnathan Levine Gallery in New York until February 9th.




Haroshi-middle finger-2


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