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28 Mar

Take it into the real world

Glitch art? Have you heard of that before? If not: Mathieu St. Pierre will love to show you what it is. Glitch is a niche in digital art. It's what you see when a video 'slips', the video is distorted. You do see the effect in commercial purposes. The pixels change color, the image shows twice, it's static. In glitch art, this effect is taken to extremes at time, based on video's or images. To do this is a lot of programming. An image or video, or several of them at the same time is run through a few programmes that distort the original image or video, you adjust these digital filters to improve colors and composition. In a way it's controled destruction of digital technology. But you depend more on the tool, than the tool depending on you. So there is an element of suprise.




Mathieu got into it by chance about two years ago, having a background in cinema. The glitch art is still young. Also in cinema he was always interested in experimental work. It's a techy kind of art, Mathieu explains. You can still see the experimental aspect in it, not everything made is made for art purposes per se, but more to experiment. He's in it for the art, wanting to show glitch art to the general public, bring it into the real world: his first exhibit in Korea is coming soon in the Andong Art Gallery.





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