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19 Apr

City landscapes city tones

Jeremy Mann, American painter. One of his main subjects: city scapes. In a way it's easy to make cities look the way you want. Any color will do. But Jeremy's city scapes are recognizable. Wether the chosen palette is green, or yellow, or blue. Each time the city scape reminds you of a street you've walked in before yourself. It's almost like a deja vue, but then a lot of them. Allthough you might recognize some cities in his paintings, they're only recognizable through small details. Besides those details, his city scapes look like they could be anywhere. There's a universal character to these modern style cities Jeremy paints. 

 (above: Evening in Green, below: New York Night in Blue, Times Square Nights)




Have you recognized how his cities are in the rain? The lights reflect, so the color do aswell. Jeremy Mann's urban settings get even more mood from the this excess of light and color, on a rainy day. 

(below: Los Angeles, Nocturne 7, Nocturne 11, Nocturne 13)





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