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29 Apr

Life is a bunch of layers: Leah Rosenberg

Leah Rosenberg loves combinations of colors. Allthough she doesn't wear them alot or have a very colorful home, she is drawn to them (funny enough, we've noticed a lot of creatives who love colors don't necessarily surround themselves with bright colors. There's more to colors than just the bright ones it seems). The colors in her work don't necessarily have meaning to them allthough her art (and cakes...) do. The colors themselves are simply part of the process of putting her art together. If she wouldn't like combining colors, her work could've looked different. It's a personal preference that makes her work more her own, without necessarily having to linger about too long. It wasn't until grad school that Leah learned to bring meaning into her art.

(Above: Rainbow Sunset; below: Slice 1)




Have you noticed all the layers? That's where the thought behind her works lies. The laying represent time. Earlier, when still in grad school, there was be more of an external inspiration where the layers would reflect encounters during the day, or colors she would see and hear about. The layers could be about everyone, and for everyone. After grad school, when she would find herself working on her art alone in her garage, the layers would get a more personal meaning, or a record of the day. It was also later that she would start adjusting to what others would like, to keep the public engaged. Did it always work? No. But engagement is important and most things did get people involved. Everyone can associate with how life knows serveral emotions, and different times. One following up on the other, one layer on top of the next.

(below: Striperenditions White & Black)



And the cake? Cakes are layered aswell, and she makes them for her employer MOMA San Francisco at openings. The finely made cakes have become little works of art themselves.

(Below: Cake, Whitecover)



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