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02 May

Looking for love: Randy Polumbo

If you're looking for love, make sure you're looking in the right places. Similar to how bees look for the right flowers to feed on, Randy Polumbo chooses colors that suit a human sense of sexuality. What colors would attract us to enter the Love Stream? 'Pink to me is both a lurid and rich attractor, per the first question and symbolically it is for a stand in for flesh, which is central to human mating, the epidermis being the largest organ.' 





Allthough Randy blows glass himself, he got some help from fellow glass artist Deborah Czeresko. They resemble sex toys, without being as obvious as they generally are, making them enticing rather than raunchy. The colors had to be perfect. Not just the plain sex-red. They're much softer. More pleasurable. The sculptures are made of a clear glass sandwich. The colored glass is on the inside of each sculpture, creating depth even when it's not illuminated. The effect is a caravan of love,  where anyone would feel sensual and ready for pleasure.

You can see Randy Polumbo's work at Pulse Art Show in New York from May 9 to 12.



       Randy-Polumbo-Lovestream-4 Randy-Polumbo-Lovestream-6



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