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06 May

I underestimated what colors do in my work

There's no meaning to the colors Joshua Hibbert uses in his art. They just come to him. He draws on paper, black and white drawing on cream paper. He learned that white paper was too powerful. Cream paper gave it more energy. Colors act on the subconcious, and after a while, you can make it conscious. Joshua started using more colors when he used the computer more. Digital colors, they affect you, especially when you do the art at night. He's been inspired by glitch art and you can tell. And working digitally made him more interested in the idea of creating new rich colors. Using more colors also coincided with Joshua moving to the coast from London. It's slightly brighter there. 




He's an emotional guy, you can tell in his art. It expresses some sadness we think, or a love/hate relationship. Quite opinionated and expressive aswell. There's some punk ethic in it. He challenges himself by not respecting things, likes to recycle things and images, he likes combinations of blues and purples.






He keeps a notebook with ideas he comes up with, tonnes of them, often with things that annoy him like money. That's the start of a piece. His portraits start off black & white, and as he goes along creating in the night the colors are added and so the image gains a different character. Joshua no longer underestimates what colors do.




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