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29 May

Theme week: The power of red

There is one color of which you can say it really stands out from all the others. All around the world, allthough it's meaning can be diverse, it has an edge that only that one color can have. The power of red is immense. Red stands for power. Is it a coincidence the German football team Bayern Munchen recently won the Champions League from Borussia Dortmund? Bayern wore red, Borussia yellow and black. Statistically speaking, the team wearing red is the one to bet on. Red is the most used color in national flags. The american red white and blue, and the Chinese flag aswell, and well over 70% of the worlds flags use red. It represents being brave, it represents revolution, blood, and valor. Nations use it to show their toughness. Red stands out, it's confident. It's the worlds most popular color.




Pshycologists can investigate it all they want, but somehow you will find that red affects you. Apparently it increases your heart rate. How can a color do that? A color! Here's a question: how much red do you have in your wardrobe? Not much? Ask yourself why not. Can you wear red, do you feel comfortable wearing red? How do you feel when you see a women in red? How does a woman wearing a red dress come across to you? Probably different from a woman wearing light blue.




Red and light blue can work very well together actually, as Sylvia O'Brien will explain in her article coming in a few days. What is it about? A red wall. Very simple, yet very stricking and in need of some balance. And Louboutin uses red in a cunning way. The way Louboutin uses red for their shoes is almost like a tease. As Charlotte Champion will explain soon, red is very very important for the Louboutin brand. Follow us this week on the color red and get a sense for how it's such a special color for so many.



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