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15 Jun

Textile Biennale Museum Rijswijk opens

The third Rijswijk Textile Biennial opened yesterday in Museum Rijswijk, The Netherlands, with an exhibit larger than before. Due to the opening of a new wing in 2012, and an overwhelwing response by textile artists, the curators, lead by Anne Kloosterboer, had the luxery but also the tough job of only selecting the best for a cohesive exhibit. You can visit the exhibit through october.

The selection of works from twenty international artists span the globe, originating from Europe, the United States, Mexico and Japan. In the catalogue, Monika Auch explains the special feature of textile art, one that paintings do not have: 'Textile art not only appeals to the visual percerption but also to our largest organ - skin with its tactile sensors'. Not just the colors or shapes appeal to us, but we can also recognize how the materials feel as we know them from the clothes we wear, the sheet we sleep under, the curtains we hang up or the carpets on the floor. This added value brings us closer to the object we're looking at. Be sure not to miss Gabriel Dawe's installation we gave you a preview of in our last article.


Above: Silja Puranen,'Circus Princess', 2010, fabric paint, transfer photograph, soft pastel and stitching on found textile, 235 x 325 cm. Photo: Silja Puranen

Below: Anna Von Mertens 'The Duke and Duchess of Urbino's auras, after Piero della Francesca', 2009, hand-dyed, hand-stitched cotton, 46 x 33 cm. Photo: Anna Von Mertens

Anna von Mertens Piero della Francesca diptych-co


Below left: Lia Cook, 'Neural Networks', 2011, woven cotton and rayon, 206 x 129 cm. Photo: Lia Cook

Below right: Astrid Krogh, 'Sky II', 2012, optical fibre and paper yarn, 160 x 280 cm. Photo: Torben Eskerod


          Lia Cook Neural Networks-co Astrid Krogh Sky-co


Below: Martin Fenne, 'Sleepers I', 2007-2011, piping tape on textile, 120 x 110 cm. Photo: Martin Fenne

Martin Fenne Sleepers I-co


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