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31 Aug

Adding color to white in the Perivolas Hotel

White is an easy color to use for your interior. In small spaces you can almost feel forced to use white on the walls and ceilings, to make the space feel less cramped. White is almost like a safety measure. You can't go wrong with it. It's not very creative really, but many people don't even try to be creative. So then white is a boring color to some. But it doesn't have to be that way. White isn't very distracting. Everything that 'has color' will be much more noticable in white room than in a room filled with colorful objects, or with colored walls. A red sofa in a white room will grab a lot of attention. Purple sheets on the bed will make it stand out. You'll notice the colored objects, even when your not looking at it. And, as in the suites at Perivolas Oia Santorini in Greece, the colors of the objects reflect on the white walls, giving them a dim lila look. The objects have added color to the walls, and to the entire room. The effect is most obvious where pool actually enters the cave (see below). The walls are painted white, but due to the reflection of the water they look blue. In the rooms, because the objects all have more or less analogous colors (in this case purples and blues), their colors detemine the feel of the room. Many of the rooms in these suites get only a little natural light from outside, making the effect even stronger. 

Perivolas Oia Santorini

Perivolas Oia Santorini

What does this mean? Redocorating could never have been easier. All you have to do is change the sheets! You don't have to be stuck to one color in your home, you can change to feel of your easily. How would these rooms feel if you changed the sheets and pollow covers to be yellow for example? Entirely different. Some say white is boring, but white also gives you endless possibilities to play. (images kindly supplied by the Perivolas Hotel)


Perivolas Oia Santorini

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