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08 Sep

Dreaming in the Australian Outback

Next weekend the Outback is coming to Freiburg, Germany. Artkelch gallery, specialized in Aboriginal art, is hosting an exhibit 'Outside Fog - Inside a Storm of Colors'. Jukurrpa ('dreaming' when directly translated) is a common thread throughout the exhibit. Jukurrpa is the period in which ancestral beings roamed the deserts and performed creative acts that bring meaning to the world. Bright colors are characteristic for the works, allthough originally the colors we're more earth tones before acryllic paints started to be used.

(Image above: Ruth Stewart Napaljarri; images below: Elizabeth Nyumi Nungarrayi, Judy Watson Napangardi)

Elizabeth Nyumi Nungurrayi

Judy Watson Napangardi


Most of the artists included in this exhibit are Warlukurlangu Artists from the central Australian desert. The Warlukurlangu Gallery is known world wide for the colorful art works it's artists create. And it helps keep the local culture alive and relay it's knowledge to it's children. Who wouldn't want to teach their children to perform creative acts for the world?

The exhibit starts september 13th and runs until october 12th at the Artkelch Gallery.

 (images below: Pamela Walker Napurrurla, Pauline Sunfly Nagala, Samuel Miller)

Pamela Walker Napurrurla

Pauline Sunfly Nangala

Samuel Miller Artkelch


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