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08 Dec

Pera Studio nobility

Joanna Pera of Pera Studio is a very concrete person, clear in what she means. That character trait reflects in her color preferences. Pastels, thinned or whitened out colors is not her thing. 'I prefer colors which have a type of noble tone'. But they do have to be selected well for the right surroundings and the right people. For her clients she keeps in mind the character and temperament they want to have in their home or office.


Pera Ttudio mieszkania project

Pera Studio 


Joanna's basic style as interior designer is to have open spaces, remove walls, and to continue the environment outside to the inside space. In Poland, where Pera Studio is based, that means using the grey and white tones of the weather. She livens that up with bold highly saturated colors. Within reason of course, to keep balance. Color needs to breathe, especially very bright colors. That goes for any bold or intrusive element or object in the interior. Similar to trees in a forest, that all need their space to catch the light of the sun. Moderation and proportion are a virtue for an interior designer.


Pera Studio Mieszkania project

Pera Studio


The colors will generally be used for a function in the space, like the kitchen. But the color needs to be balanced. That also explains the whites and greys. 'I can't imagine design without white, grey and black.' In all, the open spaces, functional design and color choices create spaces that are simple and functional but breathe your character through the colors selected especially for you.


Pera Studio

Pera Studio


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