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09 Jan

Louise P. Sloane: like a ten year old having a great day

History is important. To Louise P. Sloane, american minimalist painter, as an artist you need to contribute to dialogue of artists from the past by referring back to the masters of her roots. Her masters? Itten, Goethe but especially Albers. A lot of what they say is relevant to the work she does now. You may think that sounds like the kind of influences only adults will get. Possibly, but even as a child you already gather inspiration for your own philosophy, your own style. When she was about ten years old, there was an exhibit in MOMA called 'The Resposive Eye'. The exhibit blew Louise's mind. The bold bright colors always attracted her, but... but she's been afraid of using them in her paintings.


Photo James Dee


But that fear has gone. Louise met Richard Anusziewicz. What did he say to Louise about colors? 'What are you waiting for?!!' This was 12 years ago. Now she only likes to have her joyous color works on her studio walls. What had been in her soul for so long was coming out. It was getting a kick in the ass, something we all need at times. It's amazing how relieving that can be! 'At mid-age, knowing that you have found comfort in your life is amazing. I feel blessed!!'. Not that others immediately notice that change. But Louise has. The colors in the paintings have become much brighter and so has her surrounding studio.


Violet Violet Aqua Photo James Dee

Cerulean Cobalt Blues -AquaSquare, EFrossard, Louise Sloane

Cerulean Cobalt Blues -AquaSquare, Detail


The paintings she makes are made intuitively. She has yet to make a painting where she anticipated what it was going to be in the end. Similar to Robert Sagerman, the process of creation is very important to Louise. There's a meditative quality to repetitive patterning and process, for example in her more recent paintings where adds new layers and texture through poems and even rap lyrics on her paintings. She takes time to create the optical energy she's looking for. It's all about the interaction of color to create that optical energy. 'I may be crazy!' Louise explained during our interview. I didn't understand where that came from... If anything, I'd say Louise was inspiring. We talked on the phone for about an hour, and I could hear the energy and enthusiasm in her voice. It reminded me of a ten year old telling her parents what a great day she had.


Violets Red, Photo James Dee

Violets Red Detail Photo James Dee


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