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23 Jan

A colored block represents a home

'Constructivism' by Ruslan Nurgaliev:

I'd like to offer you, the viewer, my project "Constructivism". It satisfies most of the principles of this trend of art, which appeared in the beginning of the 20 century. I think nowadays it's not easy to offer anything fundamentally new in this sphere. Besides, it was not my primary goal. And I had no in-depth analysis of the most significant previously created works. Now, when the project is over, I can say, that my primary goal was to implement the idea, which spontaneously emerged and completely overwhelmed me. It took me, absolutely seduced and tickling me inside, whenever I thought of it.

Constructivism, Ruslan Nurgaliev


I foresee your first question while viewing the project. And - yes, those are all the elements of design kits for children. Sort of construction blocks Constructivism (excuse my tautology). There is some special appeal and beauty in exceptional simplicity of my objects and their pure colors. There is some magic I can't explain. Probably the straightforward surfaces and crisp colors make it easy for an eye to glide through these images. And a feeling similar to that of sliding down in a sledge occur somewhere deep inside. It happens sometimes when not putting any efforts you get pleasure. It's as if you were enjoying some children's fizzy drink and did not have to sink into the sophisticated tastes of some exquisite red wines. It's like Yes and No. Everything is simple and clear. There is no difficulty in perceiving the project.

Constructivism, Ruslan Nurgaliev

You might view this project only as a technical experiment. But the lightness of perception and composition, sometimes going into minimalism or abstract art mean something more to me. May be it brings pleasant memories of my childhood, when I could easily design anything and get pleasure from this creativity, looking for the parental praise? Maybe now I freeze in anticipation of similar praise, trying to repeat the childhood experience?


Constructivism, Ruslan Nurgaliev


I often watch how my kids being hooked on a game of building blocks transfer into a completely different reality. They can easily imagine that rectangle assembled from plastic elements is a real house and some inconceivable design is a spaceship. This boundless fantasy and exceptional faith create the reality related only to children. I often learn from them, learn to emancipate my mind. I wonder what do you, dear Viewer, see in my "Constructivism"?

Constructivism, Ruslan Nurgaliev


 This article was submitted for publication in Color Objects by the photographer Ruslan Nurgaliev.


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