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31 Jan

The best colored objects of 2013

What's your favourite color of 2013? We don't know! What we do know, is what the most popular Color Objects article was last year. One article stood out tremendously: Gabriel Dawe didn't only attract the most likes & shares, but was also the most visited article. His beams of light fascinated many. We've seen how much work it is when we visited him at the Rijswijk Textile Museum. All the effort is worth it: surreal yet tangible light beams floating in space without an obvious source of light.

Behind Gabriel Dawe's light of thread it was hard to find a hierarchy. What was liked/shared/tweeted most and what had been read most differed quite a lot. None of the articles was a clear second or third place. Also, when we asked our team to make a top 3 for 2013, not one article came out a true winner. It seems everyone in the team has their own colors, and it seems you have your own preferences as well! So instead of making a top three, here's a colorful list. Honorary mentions of what was most popular in no particular order. And remeber to like, share, tweet etc etc your favorite articles so your favorite creatives make the honors list next year!


- Widawscy studios: a well visited article from early on in the year. Interestingly enough, you could see a parallel with the work of also Polish Pera Studio's style, who got up quite well in the likes list even though it was published later in the year. Is there a Polish style arising of white spaces with colored accents?

Widawsky Studio

- Black: Justine Fox's Black & White and Jason Allen's analysis of brands using black in the Branded Spectrum: Black we're both visited well. Don't expect us to suddenly start writing a lot about black or white because they're popular. We like them, but we like to keep things cheerful.

- Robert Sagerman: his almost sculpted paintings gathered a lot of reads and a lot of likes in a short time.

Robert Sagerman

- Knit the Bridge got a lot of interaction, and appeared in a few of our teams top-3 lists. The scale of the project was definitely impressive, and tied communities together.

Knit the Bridge

- The White Collection by Toshihiko Shibuya is oddly natural and soothing and was on our facebook coverphoto for the past months aswell. 

Toshihiki Shibuya

- Michel Veliquette colors his paper works abundantly inspired by the tendency of cultures world wide to decorate. It's nealrly childlike playfullness with a message apealed to many.

Michael Veliquette

- Barbora Adamonyte: the thought of light that suits your day is appealing as is the colored lampshade for your interior.

Barbora Adamonyte


Have a look back at the year, and when you like something this year: add a comment, like, tweet share it. Let us know! Let the creatives know!

We appreciate your visits, your likes, tweets, shares & comments throughout 2013, and will look forward to sharing much more Colored Objects this year.


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