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28 Apr

The Expression of Flowers: Ruslan Nurgaliev

Times change, things are temporary. Our environment is changing and flexible. Stable enviroments don't exist. Time would have come to a standstill, as were it a photograph. In The Expressive Flowers series by Russian Photographer Ruslan Nurgaliev you will see not the stable state of flowers and their colors, but their changing state. What you see when the camera keeps it's shutter open for longer than an instant is the multitude of movements and intermediate states of the flowers, the flowers in this case representing the world. Allthough things may seem to be stable, there is still activity, however subtle. 


The Expressive Flowers - Ruslan Nurgaliev

The Expressive Flowers - Ruslan Nurgaliev

The Expressive Flowers - Ruslan Nurgaliev

The Expressive Flowers - Ruslan Nurgaliev

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