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03 May

Colors in the sea

Colors change under water, meaning some suprises of the underwater world are only visible when you bring your own light. As you get deeper, there's less light from the sun that can be reflected and colors will get more and more faint as illustrated in these photo's provided by BonPhoto BonaireAround  five meters below the surface you'll notice red and orange turning brownish, as illustrated in the photo's below. The left photo was taken with the flash turned on, the right was taken without flash using only the natural light.

Oranje met schildpad geschaaldOranje met schildpad vaag geschaald

Yellow and green will start to fade at around ten meters depth. The last colors you'll make out under water, before it becomes completely dark, are purple and blue. Below you can see that in both photo's the purple on the stem is clearly purple, whereas the surrounding colors are already getting faint and blueish. Eventhough the picture was taken at around only 7 meters depth.

Koraal paars geschaaldKoraal paars vaag geschaald

At greater depths, more than 20 meters below the surface, everything is blue really. After a while, it will get completely dark. But only a handfull of people actually get that deep.


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