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22 Jun

Lightening Collages by Cassandra C. Jones

Currently being shown in the Eli Ridgway Gallery in San Francisco, Cassandra C. Jones has been making collages for several years, and recent work made with lightening is striking indeed. If you hadn't noticed yet, you'll see she used the lightening bolts to draw shapes and figures. It's nearly impossible to make so many photo's of lightening yourself, so Cassandra relied on stockphotography sources to find the hundreds of photos she needed to make the collages of lightening. 

Jones DogDogDog

Looking at photography as a whole Cassandra found that there are so many similar pictures being made that she could use this idea to create new works, bringing her to make collages from existing photo's. The photo's essentially became the drawing pen. The things she makes are predetermined. Once she starts working on the puzzle, Cassandra makes adjustments to the work to make sure the end result is good and checks if the colors contrast eachother well. If you're wondering how the colors of lighting come about in the photo's: lighting itself is so hot it appears white. The colors you see in the photo's results from the reflection of the light in the sky, like in a sunset, and is also affected by the film and settings used by the photographers.

Jones Dent    Jones Meandering

Jones Lightning Drawing Rabbit 2


In other collages, she's used cheerleaders and hotair balloons to create new shapes, such as the shells below. Also check out these two video's on You Tube, where she made collage loop-films of 'Bell Orchestre - Stripes' aswell as a running horse called 'After Muybridge'.

Jones AugerJones Chambered-Nautilus

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