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10 Jun

Esther Tielemans Monochromatic Blocks

Over the years, Esther Tielemans has changed her style somewhat. Colors have always been important, but in the work shown above and below she uses monochromatic layers for the first time. This was in 2007 at the Van Abbe Museum. Her work became more like installations than individual paintings, also when an exhibit shows individual pieces, she sets them as to make the separte pieces work as an installation from certain vantage points.  An exhibit of Esther's newer works can be seen at 38cc gallery in Delft, The Netherlands until July 22nd.


 acting van abbe museum 20072008 geschaald

(Above: Acting, 2007, 1100X300X100, Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, wallpaper by Lily van Stokker, photo Peter Cox)

The colors she uses have changed aswell. Where she started using primary colors for the monochromatic blocks and thereby increasing the level of abstraction of her work, the colors themselves have become softer and less abstract in that it's more visible they have been painted.



(Above: presentation Art Amsterdam 2012; below: You and a Painting, 2011, acrylic, epoxy on plywood, 60x106x20)

You and a painting 2011 60 x 106 x 25 geschaald


In the pieces above and below you'll also see reflection of the surroundings. Esther gives the surfaces a reflecting finish so the surroudings affect the final piece you see, and it increases the brightness of the colors aswell. (below: Meticulously Choreographed Panels 1, 2012, acrylic, epoxy on plywood, 65x208x25)


Meticulously choreographed panels 1 2012  65x208x25 geschaald

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