We could spend all day in the 25hours hotel in Zürich by interior designer Alfredo Häberli. There's more to do here than just be a hotel guest. Sure, there's a conference room, a sauna with a view over Zürich, there are even cooking clas...
Colors are a way to get people attention. Retailers use colors to attract people into their store, in nature colors play a role in attracting mates. In science, colors can help to attract an audience for scientific phenomena. Fabian Oefner has a fasc...
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Color Objects encourages you to get a better eye and appreciation for colors and characters. To get a special selection of pics and info for you, we find designers and artists that make colorful work from all over the world. There's a lot of character in colors, and having a closer look will change your view of the world and people around you. So we share a host of pics and info from design, art, cultures and the natural world. All about colors.

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